I know, I know Bandwagon and Jumping on but this week I don’t care: it’s my Blog and I’ll Bowie if I want to!

Bowie's Aladdin Sane LP
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Just before New Year I was chatting to an old friend, whose morbid direction with a question about getting older prompted me to say something along the lines of “Nah we’re not so old yet – you will know you’re old when the people you grew up with and our hero’s of those days start popping off. You know people like Bowie, Sting or someone off the telly like Mr Spock.” Not living in the same Cultural and News black-hole as I, he obviously de-bunked some of that statement for me but neither of us expected Bowie to join Leonard Nimoy quite so soon.

Bowie with cat
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With his passing it felt as if part of that illusion of immortality he had created through his many re-births and transformation into his new performing characters has gone. Maybe even our own deluded fantasies of immortality that he in no small part helped feed also died with him. I guess it boils down to getting older. For many of us who saw David Bowie as a major influence, who helped consciously or unconsciously mould our attitudes and tastes during our formative years he will not just slip away, quite so quietly from our minds.

Bowie's Hunky Dory LP
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He reminds us of our youth and of a different time. I won’t say better – as always seems to be the curse of an older generation – not because my own youth wasn’t good, it was good, but because we sometimes forget just how different those times were compared to today. I listen to people looking back describing the freedoms and culture of then with rose tinted glasses. Somehow forgetting the all pervasive bigotry, fear of difference and demands for conformity that we were bombarded with on a daily basis. No matter how much we are immersed in political correctness nowadays we will probably never be as free and open minded as our children and grandchildren will be. The fact that we, dared to think beyond the ideas our parents were shackled to is in no small part, at least to me, because of what he taught us about life and about our right to be anything or anybody we want to be. So thank you Mr Bowie – some of us are already missing you a great deal.

Bowie's last picture


4 thoughts on “Bowie

  1. This is your website and you can do as the song says.
    David Bowie was initially before my time I am a child of the 80’s but I discovered him and have loved him ever since my college years.
    I have absolutely no doubt of his positive contribution to music and culture. Yes he is immortal.


  2. Bowie was a hero in France before the American’s tried to claim him for their own man. I was lucky to watch him in the 90’s and can understand the fascination. Here is hoping you stay safe chasing your tigers

    Marie {:)B< x

  3. That was his last picture wasn’t it? He looked so thin poor lamb he must have been scared half to death. No pun intended it will be a long time before we see anyone with his influence or talent again.
    Bye bye David Bowie. Thanks for the memories xx

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